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About Us…

What is a Personal Concierge Service?It’s your own Personal Assistant service on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You do not have to be an American Express  Black cardholder or a Famous Actor to have access to the kind of service that could offer you advice on shopping and travel, make your restaurant reservations, take care of your errand service, find special event tickets, order gifts, organize personal events (birthday, wedding, Bar Mitzvah or simple parties)  or Corporate events and meetings. Working for your personal life or helping to organize your business activities.

What does Fairy Service mean for us? The explanation is in the feedback that we have received from one of our guests who remarked, “You remind me of a Fairy, like Tinkerbell that comes in our life and fixes everything making everyone happy!!!”.
From that day forward, we took inspiration from these words to help all our guests to satisfy their desires, fulfill their every wish, and help make their dreams come true.

Why should you use our services? Because the life is continuously changing and challenging. Normally our lives are filled full of appointments and duties, sometimes we cannot achieve all our responsibilities without being stressed and tired by the end of the day. Use our services to allow you to add more hours to your day, relieving you of your daily stresses. Give yourself more time for living your life by letting us take on your normal duties or special events. No request is to big or small to leave you relaxed and ready to focus on your more important jobs.

Where can I find a Fairy Service? Everywhere and anywhere you need. Fairy Service is connected world-wide, our specialization is services in   Orange Park, Jacksonville and all north florida Area,and also we have a office in Rome, Italy that can help there for your trips in Italy and Europe,  but we can provide service wherever in the world it is requested.

What do I have to do to have a Fairy Service? Just call us or email us with your request details and we will answer soon quoting the service and assign the person that will do the service.